Disaster Preparedness Program

SRIV has a Citizen Emergency Response Team (CERT) serving the Narragansett, South Kingstown and North Kingstown communities in regional sheltering during times of natural and man-made disasters. SRIV's team has been called upon to staff shelters during hurricanes, blizzards and power outages. Additionally, SRIV has staffed Points of Distribution for medical, water and food dissemination. SRIV is called into action by local Emergency Managers from the towns of Narragansett and South Kingstown.

SRIV provides training opportunities throughout the year. In 2017, SRIV will offer a collaborative training system where all Southern RI volunteers are invited to attend training sessions. These collaborative teams will host various trainings enabling everyone to train together and be better prepared should mutual aid be needed. At this time teams include Westerly, the SRIV Narragansett/South Kingstown team and Chariho. Any team in Washington County is invited however.

SRIV is proud to introduce our brand new disaster preparedness team, the Youth Community Emergency Response Team! (YCERT) This team is composed of students between the ages of 14-19 from local high schools such as North Kingstown, South Kingstown, and Narragansett, thus far. However, we encourage any student in the Southern Rhode Island area to join! The team will function similarly to the adult CERT team by learning how to effectively prepare, respond, and recover from disasters. YCERT will also work collaboratively with local emergency respondents such as Fire Departments and EMS, and will become certified in both CPR and First Aid. If you're up for the challenge...join today! Training begins this March of 2017!

SRIV also supports the Chariho, Westerly Shelter and other CERT teams by assisting volunteers in those areas who would like to become members.  

This is a wonderful volunteer service opportunity for people who don't have a lot of time, but who will respond in times of crisis.

Training is offered during evening and day hours. Trainers are provided through local Emergency Management, RI Chapter Red Cross, and other partners with skill sets relative to crisis planning/preparation, response and recovery efforts.

Helpful Tip! Check out this Emergency Preparedness Guide, provided by safehome.org to be even more prepared.

How Do I get Started?

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SRIV offers flexible opportunities that makes volunteering more convenient for you.  There is no long-term commitment, and we offer a variety of projects that fit your schedule and interests.  In order to sign up, new volunteers must first complete the registration forms or stop by our office to pick them up.