Q:  Who volunteers with Southern Rhode Island Volunteers?

A:   SRIV accepts volunteers of all ages regardless of sex, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, or disability.  A background check is required of all volunteers over the age of 18 before placement.

  • Volunteers 55 years of age and over can be a part of the Retired Senior Volunteer Program of Washington County.
  • Volunteers 18 years of age and over will be placed according to skills and volunteer experience desired.
  • Volunteers ages 13 to 17 are offered limited opportunities for community service projects.
  • Children under 13 are invited to accompany parents and grandparents for inter-generational family service opportunities.


Q:  How do I get started?

A: The quickest way to start volunteering is to complete our new online volunteer application AND complete the Attorney General's Disclaimer for a Background Check - we'll also need a copy of your license, and $5 in cash or a check made out to the RI Attorney General.

Or you can print and complete our two registration forms. Please send the forms to SRIV, P.O. Box 1047 Charlestown, RI 02813 or call our main office (401 )552-7661 and we will mail you the forms.

Or you can drop by our office to pick them up. If you don't own a copier or scanner we can make a copy of your license for you at our main office as well.

After your application and BCI have been received: 

  • SRIV will review your application and BCI from the Office of the Attorney General and contact you if there are any questions.
  • After your BCI is cleared, SRIV's Programs Director will call you to set up an appointment for your orientation and welcome.
  • At your orientation, all current opportunities will be provided for your consideration.
  • You will be matched with assignment(s) meeting your criteria.
  • The Programs Director will set up appointments for your chosen assignment and you are ready to start - welcome to the team!


Q:  Where can I volunteer?

A: You may choose from our Direct Services and/or Indirect Services:

Direct Services include:

Independent Aging Program: Transportation to healthcare providers, Food delivery from local pantries and/or Meals on Wheels, Grocery Shopping either for the senior client or with the senior client (various opportunities), Companionship/Visitation and/or Respite, Minor Home Repair, limited yard clean ups and snow removal)         

Disaster Preparedness: Shelter Team members--various assignments such as registration, food service, dormitory supervision, activities, logistics, management, communication including ham radio operators needed, and more; Points of Distribution--(disaster recovery), Medical Clinic Volunteers for registration, crowd control, direction and movement; CERT--Certified Emergency Response Teams with assignments that are varied based upon emergency management needs at an individual town's request

SRIV's office: Support our team of volunteers by performing various clerical tasks including support of volunteers, data collection and input, and so much more

Indirect Services include: 

Volunteering at one or more of 100 Community Partners (non-profits or municipalities only) or Special Events. You will be helping to address a myriad of community concerns including nutrition for children and elders at locations like food pantries, education for our children in classroom help or mentoring after school, environmental concerns such as beach clean ups or maintaining walking trails, watching Piping Plover nesting grounds, historical, cultural, and art museum support such as docent opportunities, clerical support, artifact tracking and care, and so much more; if you have a service desire, we have an opportunity for you.  Locations are close to home or work for ease in service and scheduling. 


Q:  Where does SRIV's funding come from?

A: SRIV receives a federal grant of $40,000 each year (this grant has to be applied for every three years and there is no guarantee of funding. SRIV must meet strict criteria to receive funding and every three years must compete with other agency's to prove the value of our work in order to receive the funding). 

SRIV's Executive Director writes and applies for a whole host of grant funding to support program services. Grants are awarded based upon individual and community need, the program/services to be provided, a proven track record of service, a solid and defendable need, and fiscal integrity. 

Further, SRIV's largest funding source is individual donors and fundraising efforts.  Individual donors and their generosity for neighbors in need help SRIV to provide services to seniors, frail elders, disabled adults each and every year in growing numbers of people in need. Without individual donors, SRIV would not be able to continue this vital mission of service. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for caring about your neighbors.

SRIV's entire budget is under $200,000 annually. SRIV does not charge recipients any fee for services. Seniors and non profits who receive SRIV's assistance may donate to help support services.