Southern Rhode Island Volunteers (SRIV) offers opportunities for ALL ages: children, teens & seniors.

  • Volunteers aged 12 and under are welcome to accompany their grandparents or parents who are registered volunteers during their service.
  • For teens, SRIV offers limited volunteer opportunities for individuals who must meet school, civic or court mandated volunteer requirements. Parent/Guardian accompaniment may be required at certain site locations.
  • For adults, SRIV matches individual’s volunteer interests, talents and time constraints to the suitable local volunteer opportunities. To learn more about our Retired Senior Volunteer Program click here.

Our volunteers are working at:

  • Schools
  • Libraries
  • Museums
  • Animal shelters
  • Nursing homes
  • Food pantries
  • Riding Academics
  • Farmers Markets
  • County Events

To see a complete list of local organizations available to volunteer with, check out our Community Partners HERE