As a requirement of the federal grant that SRIV receives, it is necessary to collect and report volunteer hours given to our communities and neighbors in need. The federal government uses the information to identify the needs that are addressed by volunteers at SRIV and across Rhode Island and our nation. It is extremely important to show the need(s) that are assisted through citizen volunteers to the federal government to help make our communities the best they can be to grow, age, work, play and live in. It is also important that the Southern Rhode Island Volunteers (SRIV) staff know when and where a volunteer is working just in case something ever happened on his or her shift. SRIV is committed to supporting our volunteers always. Additionally SRIV provides volunteers with a supplemental liability insurance coverage and mileage reimbursement if requested.

To receive supplemental liability insurance or mileage reimbursement, a volunteer must report his or her hours at least on a monthly basis.

Thank you for reporting your hours. We appreciate it!

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Enter hours below. You can enter hours for multiple locations as well. Just specify hours per site and what days. This way when we enter hours we can know what day of the week you volunteered. If you get a lump sum of hours for the month it becomes harder to decipher, which days you volunteered.
If more than one location please breakdown hours by site.
Basic description of what you did, how your client was feeling or your experience was.