Who is Eligible:

  • Older persons (55 plus years of age)

  • Frail Elderly individuals for in-home support services (SRIV does not provide any medical care or lifting/moving services)

  • Adults with disabilities (SRIV does not provide any medical care or lifting/moving services)

  • Older adults challenged with temporary health conditions

Assistance Includes: 

  • Transportation to healthcare appointments (medical, dental, therapy), pharmacies, grocery stores, and food pantries

  • Grocery shopping (client can be present or a volunteer can take a list to the grocery store)

  • Food delivery from food pantries and/or Meals on Wheels delivery

  • Visitation/Companionship for isolated individuals (1 hour a week commitment for volunteers minimum)

  • Respite relief for full-time caregivers of older homebound persons

  • Limited minor home repairs (things like hanging a curtain rod, fixing a minor window sill, etc., changing light bulbs, fixing a washer in a faucet, taking light trash bags out, larger jobs referrals are provided

  • Sidewalk fall clean up and snow removal for safety for the very frail elderly without family/friends assistance

SRIV’s service goal is to make it possible for older persons, seniors and disabled adults to remain at home aging well in place as changes happen that may cause people to need a little bit of help to maintain independence. It is our philosophy that institutional care should be the last choice anyone should have to make. 

In coordination with the RI State Division of Elderly Affairs, SRIV helps place senior volunteers (55+) who meet program requirements in the Senior Companion Program, which provides a stipend to the senior companion who makes a commitment of 15 to 20 weekly hours of service to peers. For more information contact Lindsay Tanner, Assistant Director at lptanner@southernrivol.org or call (401) 552-7661.  

If you know someone who could benefit from these services? Click here and fill out a client inquiry/referral form.