Your Legacy and Planned Giving Support of SRIV


Southern Rhode Island Volunteers has an established endowment fund to support the agency’s mission of service to individuals in need, especially senior citizens.  The fund is with The Rhode Island Foundation.  If you are interested in making a contribution to the fund, please contact:  The Rhode Island Foundation, Daniel Kertzner, Senior Philanthropic Advisor for Funding Partnerships at 401-427-4014


If you would like to name Southern Rhode Island Volunteers as a beneficiary of a bequest from your estate you can accomplish this through a Specific Bequest in your Will.  Southern Rhode Island Volunteers suggests that you speak with your personal attorney or investment advisor.  However, the language most commonly used in a personal will would look as follows:

      I bequeath and devise the sum of $XX,XXX.XX (whatever that amount you wish to leave would be indicated here) dollars to Southern Rhode Island Volunteers located in Washington County, Rhode Island with a mailing address of P.O. Box 1047, Charlestown, RI  02813 and a Tax ID # 0393018.  You can direct a bequest to the SRIV endowment, please contact The Rhode Island Foundation or have your personal advisor(s) contact the Rhode Island Foundation for more information.


If you would like to make an annual pledge, this can be accomplished by contacting SRIV’s Executive Director at 401-552-7661.  SRIV will help you to arrange convenient monthly donation installments.

Your options include using the SRIV website to make a recurring donation through the Donate Now button which will bring you to Network for Good.  Through their secure site you can make the arrangements for your recurring donation using a credit or debit card. 

You may also send in a monthly donation by check if you prefer.  This can all be discussed with SRIV’s Executive Director to meet your personal philanthropic goals.


It is always best to speak with your personal attorney or financial advisor regarding these types of financial gifts.  There are many things to consider including tax credits, costs, limitations and more. 

SRIV’s first suggestion to anyone wishing to support service to those in need is to call the organization, ask questions to ensure this is where you’d like to make your community investment, then speak with your personal advisors.  SRIV’s team sincerely appreciates your consideration of this agency as worthy of your financial support.

 As with all financial support and donations, We at SRIV humbly thank you for your consideration without your financial support we would not be able to make a positive difference in the hundreds of lives we touch each year.  Thank you for being a quiet community hero!

 Volunteers are welcome always at SRIV! Thank you

You can create a legacy of support for vulnerable senior citizens.  All it takes is a desire to make a difference in the lives of others.  “I used to think that to leave a bequest, it had to be a large financial donation but it can be however much you wish to give.” states SRIV’s executive director, Debra Tanner. 

 Tanner has stated that serving seniors and SRIV has evolved into her life’s mission and ministry; one that she didn’t envision in her younger days, but that presented itself in the fall of October 2000.  SRIV’s board at that time reached out to Tanner to ask her to consider serving as the agency’s next Executive Director, only the third in the agency’s history. 

 “I have had the privilege of serving people, especially our elders through SRIV. I have the responsibility of managing the team, but it is a team effort with hundreds making positive contributions to lives all around us” Tanner shared.  She had just finished transporting an elderly woman to a medical appointment.  Prior to that, she had put the finishing touches on a grant application—the job.  The driving, Tanner says, “is the pure joy of what I do.  I happened to take a lady to a doctor’s appointment, never realizing that this woman knew my parents and their cousins when they were young.  My parents have been gone for many years now and to hear this woman talk about the special friendships, times together and hear how well she really knew them all touched my heart—not something I expected at all when I accepted the transportation assignment. You see, being the ED is what I do for a living, it’s my paycheck to put food on my table and pay my bills but what I do on my own time as a volunteer, that’s what makes my life happy and joyful.  I smiled the whole time the lady was talking!”

 “As a ‘senior citizen’ myself now, I’ve planned my legacy gift to SRIV to ensure that this agency is here for many years to help seniors in need, maybe me! Giving is not just for the wealthy; a gift from the heart in any amount can and does make a difference that is positive and meaningful.  I invite you to join me in designating a gift to SRIV to support our senior neighbors in need for years to come.  Together we really can and do make good things happen!”